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 Location, Industry, and Leadership, From old site
 Posted: Jun 7 2017, 05:40 PM


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Ψ The Story Of Alura Ψ

At one time the peoples of Alura led very peaceful, blissful lives. The world as they knew it was perfect, due to the overflow of Essence gifted to them by the Gods at the beginning of time. At first Essence was used only for extreme measures, as it was the life blood of the world, and without it they would crumble and die. At that time, high atop Mount Olympus Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had made the decision to trust all mortal kind with the gift of wielding Essence, for it was the power of the Gods. The people were stout, trust worthy, and obeyed every prophetic declaration that the Gods sent down to their prophets.

However, in time the peoples of Alura became lazy and reckless with their use of Essence, angering the Gods. Despite many warnings of natural disasters and war, the people of Alura simply used Essence to fix the problems. Never understanding that the misuse of Essence caused their descent in the first place.

The Gods looked down on what they had done, unhappy with themselves for dooming their own creations. They cut their ties with the mortal world and it's access to Essence. All except for Hades, who continued meddling in the affairs of mortals after several years of warning, and imprisonment. With one final blow Hades cascaded Mortals to their doom, by cracking open the floodgate of Essence and giving back the power to slay the dragons that prowled their lands. This caused a massive backlash across the entire world known as the Blight, and Hades was banished to the Lands of the Dead by his two brothers Zeus and Poseidon.

Today the population of Alura is spread so thin that most dare not travel outside the "safety" of their homes. Bandits run amok pillaging for food, gear, and weapons. Blightlings, a plagued people caused by the backlash run rampant mostly at night, infecting what is left of our population. For the first time in ages, the people of Alura have turned to the Gods for aid, and now no one is around to hear their cries. As the influence of Hades spreads the Blightlings clamor to the side of Mount Olympus, and the situation is only getting worse. The good people of Alura have almost given up hope. In a last ditch effort to save Olympus and themselves brave Brawlers, Apprentices, and Thugs have banded together in order to help rid Olympus of this pest, and put a stop to Hades' madness, before it is too late. These adventurers have set up a small walled community to the base of Mount Olympus known as Haven, which suffers from little in the way of trade, food and supplies. It has been 500 years since the last God has made contact with people Alura. The year is 500 A.B.

Ψ The People of Haven Ψ

The people of Haven are mainly unskilled farmers, fishermen, and laborers. They use their skills to help feed and populate the town with healthy livestock. Most fear or hate Apprentices, holding to the belief that Essence-wielders were the main cause of the Blight. As such they will often turn a blind eye to an Essence-wielder's suffering and daily needs.

The trades men of Haven are often skilled Thugs who have the ability to jump in and out of shadows, as this is the only truly safe way to navigate the lands of Alura without getting killed. Supply is low, and demand is high. So prices are currently quite high for more than basic quality goods. A Bronze dagger or sword may be found for a fair price. However, if you require Steel, or Gods forbid Silver, you best be prepared to pay the price.

Ψ Geography Ψ

The World of Alura breaks down into all the major cities, tribes, and towns of the world. We will start in the top left hand corner (North West) and work our way across the world.


Racial Breakdown: Mixed
Major Industries: Fishing, Lumber, Trade (Blades, Armor, Common items)
Military: Shatter Spire College.
Government: Anarchy.
Current Ruler: Lucian H DelCroft
Population: Unknown
Capital City: N/A

Haven is a small walled community of rag tag misfits who have gone in search of their place in the world. Although this is a town of near Anarchy the Mayor Lucian H Delcroft and his sheriff maintain what ever order they can in these dark and troubling times. This old fishing town was the closest to mount Olympus when the blight began to effect the world, and as such was one of the first hit by its effects. Its rivers ran black with a plague, killing most of the fish that inhabited its river. Strange fish-like abominations soon plagued their docks and town streets.
Those who did not leave at the time are either still around, or have died. Although the people of Haven hate and resent the Shattered Spire, they have a treaty stating that if they provide some form of defense for its people, then the people of Haven would sell what little food and produce they had to spare. The Spire is run by Zek Arcanium, a man of military needs who was once attached to Kings Hearth. This lead to the forming of the Shattered Sword militia, a small group of Apprentices, Thugs, and Brawlers who help defend the town.
It also hosts a black market of sorts, a place to get things that would not be viewed as proper out in the normal world. However, this group of trades men is seen as highly reclusive. Haven also hosts a small trade camp of Paramitsha, for those brave enough to trade with them who are lead by an Elderly Para, Harmen Iztoft, who is very easily insulted. Rumor has it that anyone who harms his family or business has a run of very serious bad luck, resulting in the person in question "leaving town".

Shatter Spire College

Racial Breakdown: Mixed
Major Industries: Magic, Enchanting, Spell Creation.
Military: Shatter Spire College.
Government: Hierarchy.
Current Ruler: Zek Arcanium
Population: 30
Capital City: N/A

In its former glory the Shattered spire was a place for learning. Zek Arcanium has taken up his fathers mantle as the colleges Head Master. The College offers a great deal to those who have the ability to wield essence. Most of which is kept under high security to avoid the risk of invasion, or magical conflict between the Shattered Spire and the Apprentices of the Hedge Cult.
While Zek took up his fathers mantle shortly after his death, his father was never able to deal with the Hedge Cult menace. This is a growing problem for Zek and the guild, causing the formation of the Shattered Sword. Locals willing to hunt Hedge Apprentices who have turned dark. Weekly Apprentice burnings are not unheard of in Haven.

Mountain Pass

Racial Break down: Dwarfs and some other
Major industry: Smithing and Mining
Military: King Landing Guard
Government: Hierarchy
Current Ruler: Gim Magehammer
Population: 2000 (Quickly dwindling)
Capital city: Underdark

Home of the Dwarfs, to the common eye the Mountain Pass holds nothing more then a safe way to the town of Haven and its surrounding forest. Those who dare travel its labyrinth, and are successful will have access to some of the world finest metal working. As well as a good sport of dwarven hospitality. The dwarfs are very remote people and do not like being bothered by outsiders.
They have a special hatred for kobolds and goblins, who often run small raids on the Mountain at a chance for riches and the well constructed weapons and armors that the dwarfs hold. Though that is not to be said of all dwarfs, some have taken quite the liking to surface living. Although travel in the surface word can be highly dangerous, yet extremely profitable.

The Sand City Of Sharr

Racial Breakdown: 50% Para 20% Human 30% other
Major Industry: Assassination, Fishing and trade
Military: The Evil Eye.
Government: Hierarchy
Current Ruler: Lord Notloc Iztoft.
Population: 300 (Constantly Fluctuating)
Capital city: Sharr

The Sand City Of Sharr is home to the paramitsha, and other merchants. Although most paramitsha refuse to call one place home, Sharr is about as close as they can get. Almost all paramitsha caravans make a stop in Sharr, or have been there once in their lives before the blight. It was once a great metropolis of trade that had everything from contract work, on down to the sale of trinkets and blades. These days Sharr is seen as just a big lump of sand on the map, with very little trade making its way through the desert.
Although this city by blood and law belongs to the paramitsha, most of them have left due to the blight. Most no longer have the resources or skills to navigate the desert and its extreme heat. A few hundred people still live here, most of them are either stuck or lack the resources to move on.
All except for the reptilians, who have found that the dry city streets bring them ease and comfort. This led to the formation of the Fishery of Sharr. Although most avoid the reptilians like the blight they make their money by drying the fish, and selling it as rations to cities all over the world, and giving a cut to the paramitsha out of respect and thanks.

The Great Oak

Racial Breakdown: 90% Forest Elf 10% Canine
Major industry: Hunting, Forging, Woodworking
Military: Unknown
Government: Tribunal/Council
Current Ruler: The Great Oak (Sleeping)
Population: Unknown
Capital city: Gleamwood

Gleamwood, home of the forest elves. This once immortal race has always called the forest home, swearing allegiance to the Earth Dragon in the defense of nature. They have failed, losing their immortality.
This caused many elves to flee from the woods and look to other option of living. Most fled to the cities hoping the magics of humans would help them live through the years to come and became known as city elves. While those who stayed true to the Earth Dragon have fanned out across the word in search of answers, most forest elves looked to the Great Oak and their shamans for answers in times of need. Once the blight struck the world the Tree went into a hibernation of sorts, and the Earth Dragon went missing. Many still defend Gleamwood in hopes that one day the Tree will awaken and reveal the location of the Earth Dragon, returning their immortality.


Racial Breakdown:60% Halfling 20% Avian 20% Other
Major Industry: Pipe Herb and Alchemy.
Military: None
Government: Hierarchy
Current Ruler: Mayor Thislefoot
Population: 550
Capital city: Shadowridge.

High above all other land masses, right at the edge of the world, lies the strange city of Shadowridge. Surrounded by the Dragons Blood Hills most lack the courage to even venture there, much less learn about its customs or people. Specializing in alchemy, and smoking herbs the halflings and avians of Shadowridge are not bad people. In fact the halflings and avians are some of the most kindhearted and loving races around.
Sadly, due to the land that they call home, they have been labeled as assassins and cut throats. Most halflings and avians live together in harmony and often smoke and eat the days away, enjoying the seclusion that has befallen them. No real military action has ever been taken here due to the town's natural height, an attack of any kind can never really be placed. It is still a mystery as to how people climb the mountain.


Racial Breakdown: 50% Orc, 20% Goblin, 10% Troll, 10% Ogre, 5% other
Major Industry: Bounty Hunting
Military: All of Grushnag
Government: Tribunal Council. (Chaotic)
Current Ruler: Krak'Thunk
Population: 1000
Capital City: The Pit

Far to the north east lies the swamp lands of Grushnag, surrounded by a few dozen acres of pine forest and swamp to separate the fear mongering Barbaric orcs from the rest of civil society. Focusing on combat and bounty hunting, the green skins of Grushnag focus on training every able bodied man and woman from a young age. Orcish babies are given dulled steel daggers at birth in place of rattles to instill violence and combat at a young age.
Most of Grushnag once followed the titans. Thousands of years ago Krak'Thunk was said to hold the Thumb of Chronis, a sword of unimaginable power.
Most Orcs prefer tribal life, and love serving under the ruler of the tribe. However, some are born without the knack for battle. These are either banished by the shame they brought their family, or decided to leave before that were to happen.
It is also said that a group of courageous felines have joined the Orcish horde. Setting up camp a few acres from The Pit to assist in bounties, as they make great hunters and trackers.

Kings Hearth

Racial Breakdown: Mixed races (*No orcs or Anthro's)
Major industry: Trade of Furs, Horses, and Farmlands
Military: Kings Hearth Elite Guard
Government: Hierarchy
Current Ruler: High King Kole Salzuvant
Population: 2000
Capital City: Kings Hearth

The bustling metropolis of Alura, at a time Kings Hearth was the focal point for all of Alura. Any man, woman, warrior, or tradesmen took a share in the profits that the Hearth held. Sadly after the blight that all changed. High King Kole Salzuvant went mad after the infection of his people caused by the blight, and closed the gates to the city.
Nearly 15 years have passed, and most know not what is going on with in the Hearth. We know that people hardly ever go in, and never has anyone come out. Most believe that King Kole simply went mad and forbid travel outside the city's walls. The Kings Elite Guard have been manning them for what seems like forever, and they do not respond to commoners. The coin of the land is still ever flowing, and if it were not for the city gates being closed and locked no one would ever know anything was wrong.

Colton Schug
Alura Larp GM
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