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Apr 18 2018, 10:56 AM
Good Morrow everyone!

This is your fundraiser Tavern Lady!

This year the fundraiser is located outdoors and I have the pleasure of serving everyone one last time!

As it’s been said, this year unfortunately I can not do Tavern. I will however be doing this fundraiser so just a few things-

As stated on the Facebook page everyone is asked to bring there own mess kit. What this means is you need to bring a plate, bowl(optional but good for desert), cutlery, knife! mug\cup.
- if you can not bring your own please let me know and I’ll set you up

The menu at the moment is located below however please note the meat option will be updated once I’ve had a chance to go shopping - edit. Bought sirloin your all spoiled


Sautéed carrots
Curry sirloin
-with optional (while supplies last) cooked on site sautéed onions
Dari’s special can’t promise it won’t kill you Potion drink

Pot luck desserts
Apr 18 2018, 10:44 AM
Alura will be at this years DSBN FanCon! Come by and check us out! Bring a friend!

Details are located on ou Facebook page:
Jun 8 2017, 09:07 PM
There are 6.5 skins one can pick from, Here is how you can pick what one you would like no matter what skin you're on!

Also please note some forums have a skin attacked, like Spire and Darkwoods. When you click on them your skin will change (if your not using that skin) when you enter a different area however you will return back to the skin you have picked or the default skin

Also, the default skin has a 'Night' and 'Day' Function. just press the little lightbulb in the corner above the chat box. The image below to show this.

Some will have more than 1 way to switch but all skins have this way:

1- Setting/control panel -click
2- Skin and Language -click
3- Chose your skin -update

Skin Styles:

Night and Day
Jun 7 2017, 09:54 PM
Hello there!

By now you've had a change to register and tate a look around but not much to see right?


Actually basic 'members' can only see the OOC section of the forms. To see all IC threads you much first have an approved char. then once you make an account for them on the form you can make a reply here asking to have them moved into there class section. This will give you access to all area's of the board!

the example here:

Darilea is approved and is a Thug
Jun 7 2017, 05:38 PM
Hi Guys, here is a handy checklist of things you might want to think about bringing for our campers.

Most Important (lol //

[__] Yourself
[__] Newbie

Clothing & Garb:

[__] Costuming (at least two outfits and make sure they are weather smart)
IF the weekend is VERY cold, wet weather. Bring layers, you can always remove layers. If you like to wear skirts/kilts, wear pants underneath when the temperature drops.
[__]Extra Costuming, it just helps to be over-prepared.
[__] Real world clothing (If you have to leave site, try to do so in civvies)
[__] Makeup (don't forget ears, horns, spirit gum/remover)
[__] Pouches, packs, and bags
[__] Weapons and armor
[__] Belts, quivers
[__] Comfortable footwear (for monstering/NPCing)
[__] Extra socks and underwear. Twice as many socks and underwear as you think you need. Really
[__] White OOC headband
[__] Spell/Poison packets
[__] Sports bra or jock strap
[__] Cloak or cape
[__] Tabards
[__] Sweater
[__] Gloves or Gauntlets
[__] An extra pair of boots or shoes, in case your main pair gets too wet.
[__] Boffer weapons.
[__] NPC blacks that are WARM.
[__] Warm PJs.

Snacks & Drinks:

[__] Bottled Water
[__] Easy to make camp food.
[__] Sports Drinks
[__] Cocoa
[__] Coffee
[__] Soda
[__] Energy bars
[__] Trail mix
[__] Nuts and fruit (Don't let game be an excuse for not eating right)
[__] Napkins, cups, plates, utensils. Prefer non-disposable for character immersion and trash management. Like wooden plates you can pick up at any thrift store.
[__] Paper towels
[__] Cooler
[__] Ice


[__] Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash
[__] Soap or Body Wash
[__] Scrubby or washcloth
[__] Feminine Hygiene kit
[__] Toilet paper (never know when there won\'t be any, white headband in emergencies)
[__] Towels
[__] Bathrobe
[__] Shower shoes
[__] Shampoo (Also, conditioner, hairspray, etc.)
[__] Brush and/or comb
[__] Hair ties
[__] Eye Glasses or Contact cases (solution)
[__] Small mirror


[__] Trash Bags for pack out, also for keeping your stuff dry and keeping your shoes from getting water all over your tent.
[__] Scissors
[__] Rope
[__] Matches/Lighter
[__] Twine
[__] Bedding material (sleeping bag/ sheets, pillows, blankets, etc)
[__] First aid kit (bandages, aspirin, antacids, allegies, etc)
[__] Personal medication
[__] Notepad and pen
[__] Sewing kits and safety pins (costume upkeep & repair)
[__] Credit Card/checkbook/cash
[__] Tape (duct/electrical/colored)
[__] Pocket knife
[__] Decorations
[__] Extra lighting for cabin
[__] Flashlight
[__] Glowsticks
[__] Alarm clock
[__] Extra Batteries
[__] Energy Drinks, Caffeine, B12, etc.
[__] Tarps for under your tent, and over stuff you don't want to get wet.
[__] Tent heater
[__] Ear plugs, if you're a light sleeper.
[__] Camp Stove to cook with
[__] Propane
[__] Hand and feet warmers.
[__] Tent

In Play Items:

[__] Printed out Character Sheet
[__] Item Tags
[__] Phys reps
[__] Grimiores
[__] Components
[__] Skill Books or Recipes

Weather related and seasonal items:

[__] Chapstick
[__] Sunscreen
[__] Bug repellent
[__] Thermal underwear/Long underwear if you're prone to getting really cold. Like me.
[__] Cloak/Rain coat
[__] Extra blankets
[__] Fan
[__] Cold weather gloves
[__] Scarf
[__] Warm Hat
[__] Socks!!!
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