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Apr 18 2018, 10:48 AM
At this time we will not have an on site Tavern for the outdoor 2018 season.
Dari unfortunately doesn’t have the means to be Taven keeper at this time.

We are looking into other means for Tavern and will keep you posted.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know!
Feb 11 2018, 03:36 PM
Below are the many Deity's that rule over the Plane of Alura. The deity's are based on fictional views of these gods and are bent to fit the world or Alura that our players live in.

General Information
Zeus is the most reclusive and respected of all the deities in the plane of alura, Said to be the first of the gods spawned from the great light. Fearless, head strong and bold he then created the rest of the lesser gods alongside his two brothers. His greatest weapons are his lightning bolts and his sceptre. His lightning bolts come from the scales of Vor’Liea crafted by the great cyclops. His staff created shortly after by Hephaestus grants the owner of the staff rule of the olympian gods and control of the shape of the land. Said to rarely speak to his followers directly or grant any kind of boon of favor those who seek his blessing have their work cut out for them.

Tenants of Zeus
Leadership/Justice (Radiance)
- live for the love of your people and friends. Do what makes them happy now, even if it may cost them in the future.
- The Law of the land you live in is to be respected and upheld. Your a model citizen, and seek to bring criminals to justice peacefully.
- Never stand idly by when someone wrongs another, should the land hold no laws do what is right even if it may seem hard.

Dominance/Rule (Blight)
- Your friends and people around you should recognise your greatness. If they do not serve a purpose then cut them from the cloth.
- The law of the land is to be respected and upheld. You act radically when someone breaks the laws of the land. Your not afraid to take the law into your own hands.
- Never suffer under others, Should the land have no law you shall become that law and seek dominance over those who break it.      

His followers
The following of the god zeus tend to either lean to one extreme or another. Often either feared rulers like Cole, or vigilanties who take to law into their own hands when the law defends the wrong people. That or leaders like Alexander who will do what makes his people happy now even if it will cost them something in the future, who will never let a crime go unnoticed even if the sentence is not punished by their hand.

General Information
said to be the most vengeful and spiteful of gods towards man. Often using his powers over earthquakes to punish ungrateful Alurians. Much like Zeus, Poseidon's was one of the first gods spawned from the great light. His most powerful weapon is his Trident which allows him to manipulate water, tides and quakes from below. Easily angered most do not seek his direct influence, as even the most simple blunder can mean your undoing.

Tenants of Poseidon
Boldness/Bravery (Radiant)
- The Sea can and should provide for all. Take down those who overfish and or disrespect the seas creatures.
- Defend those who work at sea. Sailors, Fishermen, and trades people alike so long as they are good hearted.
- Respect those in command of the waters, how else will you become captain.

Vengeance/Betrayal (Blight)

-The sea provides, especially to me. Anything that is not nailed down belongs to me so long as it's over the sea.
- Exploit sea workers. Sailors and fishermen are usually unarmed and their boats haul goods.
- The sea is a place of freedom, No man should have law over the waters of the land.

His Followers
Typically followers of the Poseidon work at sea in one aspect or another. Either using its bounty to feed their families as well as the region they live in. watching over the waters and warning new sailors or seafarers of the dangers of the waters, or useing the waters to plunder, pillage and steal whatever their hearts desire.

General Information
The spiteful god of the underworld, Hades was cast down shortly after the blight while being manipulated by the dragon Vox’Vako. Said to be the god who directly caused the blight, among other crackpot theories. Hades following tends to be gravekeepers who ensure the spirit makes it to its final rest, or seers who follow lost spirits and assist them in their time of need. Hades greatest weapons are his healm that makes the user invisible, and a two pronged spear that could break anything. Hades has a dislike for the use of undead as it steals a soul from the soul well temporarily, however some of his followers have found uses for some kinds of undead.

Tenants of Hades
Resurrection/Spirit (Radiance)
- A Soul is a powerful thing, make sure they all find their way to the soul well.
- Make sure to respect and know the burial customs of all cultures and races.
- Guard graveyards, mausoleums, and other burial grounds.

Death/Wealth (Blight)
- Regardless of situation undead are foul and must be killed on sight.
- Always return the bodys of the fallen to their loved ones.
- If you have enough coin, you can avoid even death itself.

His Following
Hades following tend to be gravekeepers and seers, who take care of the bodies of the dead and make sure the spirit reaches its resting place. Most of them would give their lives to ensure proper burial rights. The other half are hunters of the things that go bump in the night, doing their jobs in the dark to help preserve the flow of life.

General Information
The wife of Zeus, Hera was known to be one of the most patient gods. Suffering one crushing affair after another from her husband zeus. She looked away from the rule of olympus as his wife and turned to the care and wellbeing of the newborns of mortals. Though she has no known weapons she can erect barriers around hospitals and cribs that are impassable to protect the families of the land. She is not known to be cruel to anyone but her husband, and does not have the ability to wield blight.

Tenants of Hera
- The young are the future of Alura protect them with all costs.
- Do your best to protect expecting mothers, find them quiet safe places in times of war.
- Always aid the wounded soldier, you hope someone would do the same for your son.
- Always remain faithful to your partner. Should you fail in this, you will be stricken from her eyes forever.

Her following.
The following of Hera tend to be new expecting mothers or barbers and midwives. Always caring for others is the mindset of followers of Hera, as they see all people as the children of someone. It is also not uncommon for owners of orphanages and halfway homes of children to also follow the goddess. All followers of hera see marriage as a sacred pact, however creating a family is what truly ties the knot.

General Information
One of the many sons of Zeus, it is said that Hermes was conceived by Zeus and a Nymph. He is said to be one of the gods most helpful to the races of alura. His main weapons are his staff, it has the power to manipulate the minds of mortals. As well has his winged helmet and shoes that allow him to travel to the 3 main planes, (The underworld, Olympus, an Alura) freely and without need to follow the rules. never being seen as he can just erase the memory of himself from others minds. Said to be the most tricky of all the gods.

Tenants of Hermes
Commerce/Travel (Radiance)
- You believe highly in fair trade, and wont allow exploitation.
- keep the roads clear of bandits and other who profit of the traveler.
- You should never get lost, regardless of where you are. Always have a plan.

Thievery/Luck (Blight)
- If it's not nailed down, it belongs to you.
- Never turn down a job, luck is on your side.
- Respect the low lives of the city. They are your eyes and ears.

His following.
Followers of the god Hermes are often good respectful tradespeople, seeking an honest days coin fr an honest day's trade. The other factions under his belt are a slew of thieves guilds spanning across alura. It's not that the guards are unaware, its that they dont get caught.

General Information
Daughter to Zeus, Athena was considered the most wise and tactful of all the gods. Though she was quick to anger she often kept it bottled. Her main weapons are her spear witch she used in the practical fashion, however should it taste her enemy's blood she will know his weakness immediately. Secondly she has the Aegis said to be sentient but unspeaking will take the form of whatever the user desires. A shield or breastplate that is impenetrable. She is the creator of spiders and spider like races like the Arachne. Said to be an excellent war strategist but dislikes getting her hands dirty in the wars of men. Respect for women above all else.

Tenants of Athena
Wisdom/Heroism (Radiance)
- Chivalry will never die.
- Do not let the fears of the world stop your quest.
- You know a lot more than they think, a fly on the wall approach is often best.

Warcraft/Strategy (Blight)
- in war, there is no such thing as a dirty trick only strategy.
- Examine, watch and exploit you opponent for their weaknesses.
- you are always two moves ahead of your opponent

Her Following
The followers of Athena are often war council members or brilliant strategist on the fields of war, They use there anger as a weapon when developing war strategies as a means of overcoming guilt. The other half of her following are often knights and well trained warriors who are a few steps ahead of their opponents in battle. Any abuse suffered to a woman by a follower of athena will result in the god denying the prayers of the following.

General Information
Another of the sons of Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus was the god of the forge and a master blacksmith. Hephaestus was so ugly at birth that the other gods saw him as an abomination and cast him from the mountain much like Hades. However he found a new home in the side of the mountain and crafted the most fantastic foge known to man and god alike. Though the fall crippled him, he created strange machinations and tools to help him function. Later the gods saw what they had missed out on and agreed to raise him to the divine pantheon if he would craft for the gods. He agreed but never forgot

Tenants of Hephaestus
Protection/Blacksmithing (Radiance)
- You take pride in crafting quality weapons.
- People should come from miles around for your exotic craftsmanship.
- Your skills are used to protect those in power or you care for.

Perfection/Craftsmanship (Blight)
- Business is business, quell those who oppose you.
- know every inch of every weapon, exploit this to help you in battle.
- There is no such thing as a bad sale, Anyone with coin is a proper customer.

His following
black smiths or those developing advanced technology such as aqueducts and war machines, their minds are constantly working. hephaestus followers tend to either be spiteful overworked smiths, or well paid and respected inventors. All followers of hephaestus have a high respect for those born with deformities and disabilities.

General Information
The first and only daughter of Hades, Deadra. The goddess of undeath and magical power, holds sway in most cults and some guilds spanning across alura. Though most worship her to strengthen their magics Daedras true interest lies in undeath in all forms. Over the years she has harnessed many magical tools, but her main one are is her mark granting her advanced necromantic control and the ability to see through the eyes of undead she holds sway over. Sources say the mark has grown even further and is now spreading across the land.

Tenants of Daedra
Undeath/Power (Blight)
- Every problem you have can be solved with unlife.
- Your servants protect you even in death.
- nothing has limitations, with enough power you can do as you please.

Her following
Often power hungry necromantic cultists, or defectors of Vox. Followers of the Dead Queen often find peace in unlife. Claiming all their ales and pains have been cured, because of this in the eye of these mad few, Daedra is seen as a miracle worker and is the reason for her quick and blind rise to power.

General Information
The mother of the hunt and lycanthrope Artimis is said to be the best hunter in all the land, often taking the form of a mythological white stag. This is to test hunters and their hearts, it is also said that those who wish to swear fealty to her may take on a form of gift granting them the savage hunt. Her hunters believe that their prey should have a swift death, where her trophy hunters care more for the thrill of the hunt and may do it needlessly for the thrill.

Tenants of Artemis
Vargulf/Trophy hunting. (Blight)
-The hunt is life, never stop
-The beast inside is a tool to use, let it consume you.
-Every pelt in your home brings you closer to the great hunting grounds.

Lycanthropy/Hunting. (Radiance)
-Hunt only out of necessity, never let prey suffer
-The beast inside you is a gift, let it guide you.
-Every unused part of you prey is a sin.

Her following
Tend to be hunters, be they Nomadic elves who travel from land to land seeking new homes to not interfere with the flow of life, or savage trophy hunters who hunt for the thrill of the game and care not for the benefit of the forest and its creatures.

General Information
The unofficial queen of the underworld. Tricked into a life of isolation by Hades at a young age. Persephone quickly became a master of treachery and trickery in order to outwit her controlling husband. She has helped Haven many times during the Vox’Vako Crisis and does not particularly like her place in the underworld but has realised that there is no escape. However she does get a day of freedom every once and awhile, where she usually goes out on the town and enjoys the finer things in life.

Tenants of Persephone
Trickery/Treachery (Blight)
-Bring misery to Hades followers.
-No love is worth your freedom.
-An eye for and eye.

Her following
Tend to be princesses trapped in castle towers, or women who have found their way out of under the mantle of man, and are seeking adventure. Not much is said about these women other than in any situation their resourcefulness and ability to adapt often save them from the mistakes of the new adventurer.

General Information
The god of farming and the harvest, Demeter is said to watch over farmers and their wives. most followers of Demeter often tend to the fields and through proper following often receive a safe and hassle free season. One of the common rituals to request a bountiful harvest is to sacrifice a young swine at the start of the growth season and spread its blood in the fields.

Tenants of Demeter
Farming/Harvest (Radiance)
- Never let the farms dry up.
- Defend farmers and their goods.
- Live off the offering of the farmers, should your work strike true they will provide for you.

Her Following
Farm hand and Farmers who seek just enough to get by and no more, they often do not interfere with the lives of Nobility unless the farms are under threat of attack or have pestilence problems. Are usually good upstanding folk who seek glory through kindness and often guard the farms and their goods.

General Information
The god of pleasure in all things, Sex, Alcohol, and partying are the acts of worship for Dionysus. It is said that a true follower of Dionysus should be perpetually sauced, and is constantly thinking of lude acts and following through on them. Often found at partys and orgys the preists of Dionysus usually control brothels as their place of worship rather than churches or chapels
Tenants of Dionysus
Addiction/Pleasure (Blight)
- Be drunk constantly.
- Try new thing, if they make you feel good. Keep doing them.
- Have many children, but your not the father.

Party/Wine (Radiance)
- Your the life of the party, you bring good times where ever you go
- The sacrament of wine is one to enjoy in moderation. Be buzzed but never drunk.
- Bare many children, life is to be celebrated.

His following
From tavern drunks, to the heads of brothels. Followers of the god of wine span the plane of Alura. Alcohol, pleasure, and partying fits into almost all walks of life regardless of culture or race. Most even follow indirectly, at the yearly parties celebrating the life of their young, or the passing of great warriors. Anywhere alcohol is spilled Dionysus has some sway.

Paramish Ancestors
General Information
The ancestors of the many great Paramish clans are said to trump the pantheon of even the gods and Dragons of Alura. From the day the first bloodlines in the Paramish society were laid, their spirits were cast out of Olympus and Hades for forbidding the worship of gods. Now the spirits of the Paramish hang in limbo, giving advice for those Paramish who stay true to their bloodlines and cast out the god and any other afterlife. It is said that a rare form of magic can be granted to the Paramish people, though most of it is shrouded in great mystery however sometimes those who anger this para are given this magic as a curse.

Rules of the bloodline
-Never turn your back on your clan.
-Seek no god, or other afterlife.
-Never turn away from a needy Paramish spirit
-There is always money to be made, support the future generations.

Gods Complete!
Nov 30 2017, 10:50 PM
On season camp out location:'s...33;4d-79.380455

May 11 - 13

June 15-17

July 6 - 8

Aug 10 - 12

Sept 14 - 16

Oct 27 - 29
Nov 30 2017, 10:43 PM
Tavern nights location:…/data=!4m2...ebf6a671…

November 25 – The Eyes of Spire

December 31- Happy Cold Hollow.

January 20

Febuary 17

March 17

April 22
Nov 15 2017, 04:39 PM
Dear players.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to time-stamp your post, your player does not have the ability to be in two places at one time any posts that are posted going forward that do not have time Stamps will be deleted. This is to ensure Fair roleplay and equality for all. It also allows me to keep track of who's doing what and when.

Thank you and enjoy your role playing.
I only post this because the forms have been getting a lot more active lately and I want to make sure that the rules are in place and everyone understands them. This post is also not directed at anyone in particular just restating the rules on the new forums. 😁
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